About Aroma Oil Diffusers?

Aroma Oil Diffusers are the best medium for making your home fragrances with the best available aroma oil and essential oils. You can use all the grade of aroma oil or essentisel oil for diffusing the fragrance to the room. Our Range of Ceramic aroma oil diffusers is the best quality as they are treated and heated at high temperature. So it can diffuse the aroma of essential oil from the essential oil diffuser more efficiently and effectively.

How to use Candle / Tealight Aroma Oil Diffuser?

For this you need Aroma oil / essential oil, Tea light or candle, water and Diffuser. Put about 2 tea spoons of water on top of diffuser (Bowl), and add 5-7 drops of aroma oil or essential oil. Try to use good quality of oil for best and effective response. Now lit the Candle / Tealight and place it under the bowl (Container). Now its done, Just wait for some time and diffusing will start in some moments and enjoy the magic of aroma.

Tricks – For early response. Use warm water for more effective diffusing as it will start the process early. If you are using a diffuser of height more than 3 or 3.5 Inch, Use big Size candle / Tea light. Or Else you can place a base under the candle / Tea Light so the flame can reach top anf high intensity. Use Good quality essential oil or aroma oil.

Caution – Consult a Expert or Aromatherapist, if you are using essential oil aromatherapy oil diffuser. Keep away from children and pets. Fragile Product. Do not keep it or Candle / Tea Light Unattended.

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