Ceramic Aroma Diffusers

Indian Royal Crafts (Brahmz) are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Ceramic Aroma Diffusers and Burner from India. We are creating customized and pre Designs of Ceramic Aroma Diffusers and Oil Warmers since very Long time. Aroma Burners are Packed as per the export Standard using 5 Ply Carton, Die-Cut Thermocol and Bubble Packing, therefore, to avoid breakage during transit!

Brahmz | Indian Royal Crafts | Factory Images
Brahmz | Indian Royal Crafts | Factory Images

Indian Royal Crafts Develop Wide range of Ceramic Aroma Diffusers in Electric and Tea Light Methods both with various designs even more designs in Ceramic Traditional Burners. Click Download the Ceramic Candle Tea Light Diffuser and Ceramic Electric Candle Diffusers.

Ceramic Candle Aroma Oil Diffuser

Candle Aroma Diffusers work with the heat of the flame created from Fire, it repeatedly heats up the base of the Oil Warmer therefore starts diffusing the Aroma as required! We have more than 200 Designs available in Ceramic Aroma Diffusers and can customize the design, likewise, we can create your new design as per the requirement of the client. You can also use Wax Tarts on the Ceramic Aroma Diffusers. Also you Watch the Video on How to use Wax Tarts on Ceramic Aroma Diffusers.

Electric Aroma Diffuser

Almost all the Ceramic Aroma Diffuser works with Bulb Heat. We use two Different Types of Fitting – Halogen Mirchi Bulb usually for small Ceramic Aroma Diffusers and consequently Incandescent Bulbs for Big Size Aroma Diffusers. Similar to Candle Aroma Burner in this Heat of the Bulb created with the Filament helps to Diffuse teh Aroma.

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