Essential Oil | Aromatherapy Oils

Essential Oils are most Used and Most Demanded Aromatic Oils, as they are pure, natural and has many Benefits. We are Sourcing the essential oils from the manufacturer and supplying and exporting Essential Oils for a much longer time! We Provide all type of Certification for Essential Aroma Oil as well!

Indian Royal Crafts provide many different packing and size options on Glass Bottles. We have 10 Grams, 20 Grams, 50 Grams, 100 Grams, 500 Grams, 1Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 25 Kg, 35 Kg, Packing available.

We can do the Branding and labeling of your brand on the essential oil Bottle as per the client;s Requirement. Below is the List of Essential Oils

List of Essential Oils | Aromatherapy Oils

1. Ambrette Seed Oil                                               
2. Angelica Root Oil
3. Amyris Oil                                                                    
4. Bay Oil
5. Bergamot Oil
6. Basil Oil (Ocimum bassillicum)
7. Holi Basi Oil (Ocimum Sanctum)
8. Bois – De – Rose Oil
9. Cajiput Oil                                                                    
10. Camphor Oil
11. Citrodora Oil                                                         
12. Cassia Oil      
13. Clary Sage Oil                                                               
14. Carrot Seed Oil                                                             
15. Cedar Wood Oil
16. Curry Leaf Oil
17. Citronella Java Oil
18. Cypress Oil                                                                   
19. Chamomile Blue Oil                                                    
20. Chamomile Roman Oil
21. Davana Oil                                                                    
22. Elemi Oil
23. Eucalyptus Oil                                             
24. Frankincense Oil                                                         
25. Geranium Oil
26. Ginger Grass Oil                                                          
27. Ginger Lilly Oil
28. Grape Fruit Oil                                                            
29. Juniper Berry Oil
30. Juniper Leaf Oil                                                           
31. Kapoor Kachari Oil
32. Lavender Oil                                                                
33. Lemon Oil 
34. Lemon Grass Oil                                                         
35. Lemon Melissa Oil
36. Lime Oil                                                                      
37. Laurel Berry Oil (Kokila-Indian)
38. Lemon Balm Oil                                                          
39. Mandarin Oil
40. Marjoram Oil                                                              
41. Myrrh Oil                                                                   
42. Mentha Oil                                                     
43. Mentha Piperata Oil
44. Neroli Oil                                                                    
45. Nutmeg Oil                                                                 
46. Orange Oil (Sweet)                                                      
47. Orange Oil (Bitter)                                                          
48. Patchouli Oil                                                               
49. Petitgrain Oil                                                             
50. Pine Oil                                                                        
51. Palma Rosa Oil                                                           
52. Rose Wood Oil                                                             
53. Rosemary Oil                                                           
54. Sandalwood Oil                                                   
55. Sugandh Mantri Oil                    
56. Speamint Oil                                                         
57. Aragon Oil                                                                  
58. Tangerine Oil                                                               
59. Tea Tree Oil                                                                  
60. Thuja Wood Oil                                                          
61. Tomar Wood Oil (Zanthazylum)                                 
62. Taget Oil                                                               
63. Vetiver Oil                                                                       
64. Winter Green Oil
65. Honey Suckle Oil
66. Ylang Ylang Oil                                                               
67. Zadoeria Oil                                                                 
68. Pink Lotus Oil
69. White lotus Oil                                                               
70. Blue Lotus Oil

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