Electric Aroma Diffuser | Oil Warmer

There are many benefits of Electric Diffuser over Candle Aroma Burner. These usually consume 40-60 Watts of Electricity. After much research and trials, we have finally sorted out Two types of Fittings for Electric Aroma Oil Diffusers. One is INCANDESCENT BULB and another is Halogen Bulb ( G5 Fitting ).

Electric Aroma Burner is available in Three materials Ceramic, Soapstone, and Metal. The Catalog Like are as Follows. Ceramic Electric Oil Diffuser, Soapstone Aroma Oil burner, and Metal Votives and Diffusers

Google Drive Links for Ceramic Aroma Oil Burner, Soapstone Oil Diffuser, and Metal Votives and Oil Warmer.

How does Aroma Oil Diffuser work?

Utilizing an oil diffuser is one approach to quickly assimilate things up, incorporating aroma into the atmosphere whilst emanating the odor of your choice gently through the area.